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7 / 4 / 12

Pretty please vote for my Challege Detroit entry so I can help make a difference in our great city. Pass this on to help me out even more! Many thanks for all who help me!

18 / 10 / 11

If I could stop having spam accounts be nearly exclusively the only ones to interact with my blog that would be fantastic… Haven’t even attempted to e-mail tumblr about all the spam accounts I’ve run across. I could pretty much be employed to do simply that. Tumblr you need to have some sort of simple function to report spam accounts like Twitter has!

9 / 8 / 11

Crunching numbers for school and living on my own really blows. I’m obviously taking out lots of loans from somewhere… In need of some major pep-talks and advice. Help! How am I going to make this happen realistically?